Black and Decker Powerseries Pro Cordless Vacuum REVIEW + TESTS - Anti Allergen

December 19, 2018


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The final vacuum in our series on upright style cordless stick vacuums is the BLACK+DECKER POWERSERIES PRO

 Anti-Allergen version, HCUA525JA.


We put it through the same tests as all the others and this video will be the results and our review. Links above for current prices, and let's get started!


The Black + Decker Powerseries pro comes in three different versions. We chose the anti-allergen version because it has a Hepa filter which is the main difference between the other two besides a slightly different attachment package, though the pet version has an anti-tangle brush.


So, starting with the pros, we might as well begin with filtration. It does have a HEPA filter, and it passed our smoke test showing that there were no leaks, so the HEPA filter works. Many of the others we have tested so far were not able to pass this test, s,o score a point for the Black and Decker.


It's also much more versatile than the others. Besides being a great vacuum, which we will talk about later, it converts to a handheld unit by being able to detach the canister for cleaning cars, upholstery, or stairs. You can also use the extendable handle for reaching up high, and it is the only one we have tested that actually comes with attachments - in this case, three types of dusting brushes and a crevice tool.


It is packed with features including a kind of trash compactor for pushing debris down to get more vacuuming time before emptying the bin. It also has an LED light and a lot of power options. Besides being able to shut off the brush roll for hard floor cleaning, it has a low, medium, and high power setting. You can also easily remove the brush roll for easy cleaning which is really nice.


We measured its suction at 25 inches and its airflow at 32 cfm on high, 27 cfm on med, and 21 on low, which is higher than either the Shark Freestyle or the Hoover Linx.


It has excellent pickup on all surfaces. On carpet, it did well with fine debris, pet hair, and large-to-extra-large debris on both low and high power. We didn’t test its medium power, but you can infer that it would do good as well.


Similarly, with hard floors, it picked up all the debris in the test, and, again, notably did fantastic with larger debris due to its large gate on the cleaner head. So, it gets high marks for pickup performance in general with all surface and debris types.


I should say at this point, I found that with hard floors you should actually have the brush roll turned on. Normally, this is not advisable since the brush can scatter debris on hard floors with other types of vacuums, but the Powerseries Pro has a nice seal on the cleaner head, so there really is no reason to even shut off the brush on this unit, especially since it does so much better with the brush turned on.


Its carpet deep cleaning was also a pro. It scored 84% on the embedded sand in the carpet test, beating both the Hoover and the Shark by a fair amount.


The battery life is a pro. Black and Decker says it gets sixty minutes of battery life,  and that’s true but only on low power with the brush roll off, which is far too low to be effective. But, on medium power, we tested it at 31:13 and 16:22 on high power which is really good, especially compared to the Shark and Hoover. My personal recommendation would be to use it on medium power with the brush roll on which is more than enough airflow while getting optimal battery life.


Its slightly heavier than the others we have tested at 8 lbs 8 oz, but when you compare it to more traditional cordless vacuums with most of the weight on the handle or upright vacuums for that matter it’s a meaningless difference, since compared to those its like vacuuming with a feather. I also liked the different type of swivel on the cleaner head which gives you a lot more control and maneuverability than all the others we have tested.


Ok, so lets move on to the negative things.


It has a pretty significant recharge time. I couldn’t get an accurate number, but I would say at least 5-6 hours from fully drained to fully charged. Related to that, the battery is internal, so it's not easily replaceable, though I haven’t seen any reviews that suggest it would need to be replaced any time soon.


Another thing is that you need to be careful to make sure it locks in place when trying to stand it up as it will fall over if you don’t hear the click that means its locked.


It's kind of nit-picky, but while I love the fact that it gives you so many power options, the low power is kind of a gimmick. I'm pretty sure it's only there so they can say it can technically get 60 minutes of battery life. In reality, it's just too low to be effective at least with the brush roll off, though we did find that low power was serviceable as long as the brush was on.


Its edge cleaning was probably the worst of all we have tested so far. It's not for a lack of power, but most likely due to the shape and seal of the cleaner head. It's not a deal breaker, but its not great. 


So, even though we still have the big competition coming up where I will test all five of the cordless vacuums we have reviewed in this series, I can say right now that the Black and Decker Powerseries Pro Anti-Allergen is my personal favorite so far. It has great power, amazing pickup performance, it’s the only one that can be used for more than normal vacuuming, and it has great filtration. Add to that all the cool features, and it’s a no-brainer for me.


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“We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.”

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