Best Upright Cordless Vacuum Tests - Black + Decker vs Shark vs Hoover vs Eufy vs Deik

December 19, 2018


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#1 Black + Decker Powerseries Pro Anti Allergen 

#2 Hoover Linx Signature 

#3 Shark Freestyle Cordless

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So, we took five of the best selling upright style cordless stick vacuums and put them through a ton of tests to see which one is the best. This video will show the results. Links above for current prices and our individual reviews on all the vacuums mentioned here, and let's get started!


First, a little about this type of cordless vacuum: they call them upright cordless stick vacuums because they are, well, upright and can stand up on their own, unlike traditional cordless stick vacuums. They also tend to be a little bit lighter on the arm since most of their weight is toward the base of the unit, so, they are, in my opinion, much better in the ease-of-use category.


We tested five vacuums for this competition, but I am going to disqualify two right out of the gates. The Eufy Homevac and the Deik are basically the same vacuum. They have minor differences but are almost certainly made in the same factory or at least with the same plans. The reason I am disqualifying them so early is that I feel they might have design flaws related to the brush roll, which can easily be broken. To be fair, the Deik was the only one to show signs of this during the test and the newer white version of the Eufy Homevac did seem to change the design around the problem area, and Eufy as a company does seem to be very quick to replace faulty units, but, nevertheless, I am taking them both out of the equation as I don’t feel comfortable recommending them. However, both of them really struggled with larger debris in our tests, so it's no big loss.


The remaining contestants are the Shark Freestyle, the Hoover Linx Signature, and the Black + Decker Powerseries Pro Anti-Allergen.


We tested the suction and airflow and found that the Black and Decker had the most airflow and suction, and even though it was close with airflow, the Black and Decker had quite a bit more suction. The Shark was not able to be tested with suction since the motor is actually in the floor nozzle for some reason.


As far as pickup, they were all very similar and very good on both hard floors and carpet. They were even very good with larger debris, which is not only rare but very important for vacuums of this type which typically don't have hoses, so they need to be able to pick up as much as possible with the cleaner head alone. These all do that great.


But I would rank them like this:

The Black and Decker #1

The Hoover Linx #2

The Shark Freestyle #3 (It wasn't bad; it just wasn’t as good as the others.)


I should mention a caveat here. Even though the Black and Decker has a brush roll shutoff switch, I found that it was much better with the brush always turned on even on hard floors.


Cordless vacuums are generally not the best with deep cleaning carpets but with our embedded sand in the carpet test, we found that the Black and Decker won by getting 84% of the sand compared to 78% for the Hoover and 76% for the Shark.


With filtration, it probably would have been a tie if I hadn't sprung for the Anti-Allergen version of the Powerseries Pro which comes with a HEPA filter, but since I did, it was the only one that could pass our smoke test and is therefore the winner in this category.


With attachments and features, it was a no-brainer. Neither the Hoover Linx or the Shark Freestyle came with any attachments since they don’t have a hose or convert to a handheld. They just do what they do, whereas the Black and Decker not only has a type of lift-away mode where you can use it for cars, upholstery, or stairs, but it comes with a good attachment selection, and has a lot of features like LED lights, a kind of trash compactor for the dust bin and an extendable wand for cleaning up high.


Battery life and battery issues are a bit more complicated. Yes, the Black and Decker can technically get 60 minutes on low power with the brush roll off, but that is kind of misleading since it's so weak on low power its not very effective unless you have the brush on. You should expect to use it in medium power most often as it’s a good balance of power and battery life. So, factoring that in, it still is much better than the other two even when compensating for CFM usage at each power level.


Related issues are recharge time and battery replacement. Here, the Hoover Linx is the clear winner as it charges in a little more than two hours compared to about 4-5 with the Shark and 5-6 with the Black and Decker. The Hoover Linx and the Shark also have easy to remove battery packs with replacements readily available online, where the Black and Decker doesn’t. That being said, I didn’t see any reviews complaining of battery problems; it's just something I look for.


In terms of edge cleaning, The Hoover Linx won with the Shark Freestyle coming in second, and despite the Black and Decker having higher power numbers, it came in third in this area.


As far as ease of use and maneuverability, it was very close. Though the Black and Decker was the heaviest at 8lbs 8 oz, the difference was hardly noticeable as they are all extremely light and easy on the arm. With maneuverabilty, however, the Black and Decker and the Shark had excellent swivels where the Hoover Linx swivel was awkward and little jerky.


So, I think you might have guessed that we picked the Black and Decker Powerseries Pro Anti-Allergen as the winner, with the Hoover Linx second and the Shark Freestyle third.


The Black and Decker has the most power, best filtration, and the best deep cleaning. It’s the most versatile and has the most features.


I linked the other versions of the Black and Decker Powerseries above as well. If you are not concerned with the filtration, then you could save a few bucks by going with the standard Powerseries Pro.


Consider a like or, even better, a subscription to Vacuum Wars as we try to stay on top of the latest vacuums, robot vacuums, and carpet cleaners with lots of competitons like this one.


New videos every Tuesday and Friday at 4pm EST, and thanks for watching!


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“We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.”

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