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December 15, 2018



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We just got done testing and reviewing the new Irobot Roomba i7+ and really loved it. I linked that video above, but I decided to do a complete comparison of the specs and features of the entire new Roomba lineup for 2018/2019 so you can see which Roomba makes the most sense for you.


Links above for current prices, and let’s get started.


So, let’s start off with the similarities in the new lineup.


All the current Roombas have the 3-stage cleaning system which includes the dual brush roll design and one edge-cleaning brush.


They all have the same basic sensors including the bump sensor and cliff detection, which prevents them from falling off stairs.


They all have dirt detection technology which causes them to make several passes when they detect large amounts of debris.


All the current Roombas are also wifi connected meaning you can schedule cleaning jobs from anywhere, and they are all compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.


The final similarities across the board are that they are very similar in size as they are all about 3.6” tall.


One of the main differences between the cheaper and more expensive Roombas is the navigation. For example, the Roomba 675, 690 and E5 are all more or less random in their navigation, meaning they kind of pinball around randomly to clean, whereas the Roomba 960, i7 and i7+ are all smart navigation Roombas, meaning they use a camera to map your home, and they clean in more or less efficient straight lines while also navigating around obstacles.


There is a slight difference among these smart navigation bots as well because the i7 and i7+ also have the new Imprint technology that the 960 does not have. You can think of Imprint as being a smarter smart navigation in that it also allows you to choose which rooms you want to clean, and imprint-equipped Roombas are also much better at remembering the layout of your home, making them bump things less and making them much more efficient.


Another difference is the power of the Roombas. So, let’s take the 675 and 690, which are good cleaning robots, as the baseline for suction and airflow and have the same power specs. But, the e5 and 960 have 5x more power than the 600 series and the i7 and i7+ have 10x more power than the 600 series.


There is also a difference in battery life. The 675, 690 and e5 all have 90 minutes of runtime per charge, where the newer more powerful Roombas have 75 minutes per charge. I should also mention here that all of these Roombas will automatically return to the base to charge, but only the smart navigation Roombas the 960, i7 and i7+ have recharge and resume. Meaning they pick up cleaning where they left off after recharging, which makes sense because the random navigation robots are random and don’t remember where they left off anyway.


The E5 through the I series all have HEPA filters while the 600 series does not. Also, all of the Roombas here (except for the 675) come with one virtual wall barrier which can keep the Roomba out of places you do not want it to go.


A few quick details about the new i7 series, which, by the way, took the place of the Roomba 980, which has now been discontinued.


The main difference between these two is the Clean Base which automatically empties the dirt bin when the Roomba docks with it. This is an amazing feature, and I highly recommend watching our review on it if you are interested.


The Clean Base comes with the i7+ but not the i7.


But the clean base will work with the i7 if the clean base is purchased separately, but the dirt bin that comes standard with the i7 is actually a bit bigger than the i7+ and does not have the ability to work with the Clean base, so, you actually need to buy the i7+ dirt bin as well if you want it to work with the Clean base.


But other than that the i7 and i7+ are identical.


The dirt bins on the Roombas are very similar across the board with the biggest difference being the i7+ with the clean base a bit smaller due to it needing to be able to dock with the clean base.


So, links in the description to Amazon to all these Rooombas and if you have questions ask them in the comments. I try to respond to every question I get fairly quickly.


Consider a like or a subscription to Vacuum Wars, and check out our review of the i7+ in the links at the top.


Thanks for watching.


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“We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.”

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