Bissell Crosswave Review

May 12, 2018



We put the unique Bissell Croswave to the test, and this video will be the results, links in the description and lets get started.


The Bissell Crosswave came out in 2016 and its really stands alone as the mult-surface cleaner to beat. It has a unique design that we will see makes it a very effective vacuum, but it has the option to clean the floors with a water and cleaner solution. The idea is to have a machine that can vacuum and mop at the same time.




Bissell says that the Crosswave is meant for hard floors and area rugs and has two settings which correspond to each, we tried it on our medium pile test carpet and again as a dry vacuum, it performed as good or better than most leading brands as far a performance but it was a little more difficult to push on carpet, but nothing major.


Next was the wet pick up tests.


As far as big spills it did really well up to a certain size, Picking up cereal spills and yogurt very well, but we did find that if you are using it for extreme spills, especially with something that will stick, like yoghurt, you need to try to keep the spill within the bounds of the brushroll or it will stick to the sides and cause more mess. I suppose you could just wipe this off and continue if you had an extreme spill. 


We wanted to see how many passes it would take to clear the floor of any residue, we found that just one pass was not enough, 3 or 6 depending on how you count it was better and more 9 or 18 passes showed no residue.  


For context with three passes with a traditional mop there was still residue. Floors are as clean as you want them to be and at least the Crosswave gives you the option to get floor really clean with more passes.


As a side note it did not seem to leave too much water on the floor and it dries quickly. Bissell recommends to run it without the water trigger pressed in order to dry it more quickly.


One thing I was worried about was the brushroll becoming really nasty, but after all the test I put it through it still looked brand new, probably because of the way that water if constantly flushed through the brush. but that brings up to a really important point. Upkeep


If you are planning on using the Crosswave to clean up big nasty spills, you will need to clean it out often, preferably after every use. Now granted I was cleaning huge messes with a lot of debris but it seemed like it could have been designed better because the moisture causes debris to be everywhere on the parts you need to clean. Even the interior of the filter and the inside of the brush roll housing. Running water over the parts got it clean but It doesn’t seem like a chore you wouldnt want to skip since it might be harder when it dries.


However when using it normally like to clean our kitchen floor there wasn’t a need to clean it out after each use, and if you are using it mostly for dry vacuuming, which it is extremely good at, you wont need to clean it much at all.


It was very light and easy to maneuver, the cord was a pretty standard 25ft.


If you only have hardfloors with no or minimal carpet, this machine can serve as your home vacuum, As a lightweight dry vacuum like a Dyson V10 or the Ionflex it competes and even surpasses them in some ways.


Why I am excited about is that in our cleaning business this will save time as many of the houses have all or mostly hardwood floors, this means I will cut my cleaning time in half because I wont have to vacuum the whole house, then mop the whole house. Though I will still have a regular vacuum on hand in case I need it for certain types of carpets or for the hose.


In my opinion The Bissell Crosswave it a one of the best floor cleaner technologies of the past few years and I suspect that many companies will be trying to copy it in the future. Its not without any flaws but for now it’s the top multisurface cleaner on the market and the reviews are excellent.


Amazon links in the description and you can watch the full videos of the pick up tests on the screen.


Consider a like or a subscription and thanks for watching.


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“We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.”

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