Xiaomi Mi vs Neato Botvac Connected D3 Robot Vacuums

February 21, 2018


The Battle of the Laser Navigation Robot Vacuums!


Xiaomi Mi vs Neato Botvac Connected D3


I chose this battle because Xiaomi and Neato are 2 of the few robot vacuum companies that use lasers instead of cameras for their smart navigation, which is arguably a better method.


I will be comparing Xiaomi Mi to the Neato Botvac D3 because it is the only Botvac from Neato in the same price range as the Mi.


Round 1 Specs


The price is too close to call as both units sell on Amazon for about the same (links in the description). The also both have a 1 yr limited warranty. So we have a tie and no points awarded here.



The Mi gets a point by having a super long battery life of 2.5 hours to the D3’s 1hr.










The Mi also gets a point for multiple suction power modes,  for noise and battery life concerns think  of it like a low med and high power mode but the Neato D3 only has one mode.






The Mi has 1 edge sweeping brush and the D3 has no edge brush, though it should be noted that the D3 is the only Botvac connected from Neato that does not have a side brush.







Round 2: Features


They both have laser navigation, which allows them to accurately map the layout of the room from the ground, and then systematically clean the room. Making them far more efficient than random navigation robots. With this exact feature its hard to say whose is better so we will push, no points



Both the Mi and the Botvac have a lot of other sensors like cliff detection, though we are going to give the point here to the Mi because it has 12 different sensors like anti collision detectors, and real time movement tracking.





They both have a lot of features on the app including scheduling cleanings and getting cleaning reports. They both have amazon alexa and google assistant capability.  So no points here.


The Final Round: Reviews


Starting with the Mi, customers mentioned that they liked the navigation and sensors and that it was relatively quiet.


The mentioned that most of the software and instructions are in Chinese, but newer versions have more English support.  



Several reviewers mentioned that the Mi had a lot of trouble with long carpets also that it had trouble if it needed to climb more than a ¼’ onto rugs and thresh holds.






With the D3 people were pleased with the navigation and cleaning, generally speaking though the lack of a side brush did come up a couple times.


People also mentioned that they had some wifi connectivity issues, but that there was good customer support.


So we give this round to the Xiaomi mi and it wins the match easily


In conclusion,


While I love some of the more expensive Neato Botvacs like the Botvac Connected I believe the Xiaomi mi beats out pretty much any Neato vacuum until you get to the Botvac connected and even then it would be a close fight.


The links to Amazon are referral links. If you make a purchase Amazon will give me a small percentage. If you liked the video, and it helped you make a decision, please consider using one of the links to navigate to Amazon.

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