All Shark Vacuum Models Explained - An Overview

February 20, 2018



There are so many shark vacuum models out there, and even different versions of those models, it can be kind of confusing, so this is my attempt at an complete overview of the entire Shark vacuum lineup in a way that I hope will be easily understood. 


So like most products there are entry level options and luxury options.  I like to think of Shark's vacuum fleet in 4 parts: 

1.) The Budget Vacs. these are vacuums that perform almost as good as a high end Shark but are built out of cheaper materials in order to have a cheaper price. 


The Budget Sharks come in lots of different types and styles, they look almost the same as the lift away vacuums, but more rounded.


They are made of noticeably cheaper materials and will not last as long as the other Sharks but they are certainly better than most other vacuum in that price range. They also have a shorter extension wand than all the other sharks. which is something you will miss if you are used to other Shark vacuums. They are some of the lightest Sharks available so that is a selling point. 


*NV42 :


NV480 :

NV202 :



2.) The Classics. Like the Navigator 300 series or the Rotator 500 Series, these are vacuums that have been around forever but are still sold by Shark almost unchanged because, well if it aint broke dont fix it. 


You cant go wrong with the classics, particularly the Navigator Lift-Away 300 series, and the rotator 500 series .They are what made Shark a household name and are usually not mush more expensive than the budget Sharks. There isn't any real difference in the cleaning ability among  these as they all use the same motor and have the same basic features. The differences are things like warranty length, bin size. cleaning path width, and attachments. We love the cheapest and lightest one It doesn't have any fancy features or a lot of attachments but its a great performing vacuum at a very reasonable price. 







3.) The Newer Lift-Aways.

The newer models are built like tanks have a sleeker look and usually more features like LED lights, The Powered lift away feature, and Duoclean. Their performance is not necessarily better than the classic Sharks, unless you are talking about ones with Duoclean technology. We


really love Duoclean which is basically two brush rolls, a soft one up front and a regular one in back. It can pick up very large and very small debris. We have switched over to Duoclean technology with the vacuums we use for our cleaning company and love them. Also may newer Sharks have the word "powered" in their name which means that when in lift away mode you can connect the wand to the floor nozzle and the brushroll can be motorized or "powered" instead of just spinning because of suction. This gives you a lot more power for those hard to reach places.


The Apex Series with Duoclean is Sharks tip top of the line upright vacuum, it has more suction power than any other Shark, it has noise reduction technology, along with upgrades to  the steering and the filtration system. I should mention here that although all the sharks mentioned here have whole machine HEPA filtration which is as good or better than any other vacuum out there, the Apex has been upgraded to be up to 10x better in terms of filtration. 


There are actually two different sizes of Apex vacuums a large one and a smaller one, though it should be noted that the smaller one does have a smaller suction motor. 


The Newer Lift Aways:


*NV803, 801 DUOCLEAN


AX912 (Smaller APEX)


NV682, 683




* Our Recommendations 



4.) Other

Rocket stick vacuums and the Ion Robot vaccum line.

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“We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.”

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