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Roborock Adds Q Revo Robot Vacuum & Mop to U.S. Website

Just days ago we found ourselves surprised to see a new Roborock robot vacuum model that we weren’t expecting. It just happened again today, and with this model we are even more surprised than the last. The latest addition is called the Roborock Q Revo.

Roborock Q Revo Robot Vacuum and Mop
Roborock Q Revo robot vacuum and mop. Image:

Roborock Q Revo robot vacuum and mop

Roborock’s latest product at the time of this writing is the Roborock Q Revo. It’s a robot vacuum and mop that is shown on their website paired with an also new multifunctional dock.

New for the Roborock Q Revo

Information about the Roborock Q Revo is sparse and limited to marketing copy on a promotional page, but there is enough there to recognize some standout specifications and features.

Q Revo Features

Roborock Q Revo features and specifications


The Q Revo is noted as having 5500Pa of ‘extreme suction’ (Roborock’s words, not ours) making it more powerful than the Q7 Max and the Roborock S7 MaxV (read the review) and on par with the yet-to-be-available S7 Max which took us by surprise only days ago.

Vacuum and Mop

Like other Roborock 2-in-1 models, the Q Revo can both vacuum and mop on the same cleaning run, but its mopping system is a complete departure from other Roborock models.

New Mop System

The Q Revo has two spinning mopping pads affixed to the bottom of the robot. The pads can lift 7mm when “vacuuming carpets and returning to the dock so that floors and carpets are cleaned in one go and no dirty streaks are left behind.”

Roborock Q Revo - Mop Lifting
The Roborock Q Revo can lift its mop pads 7mm. Image: Roborock.

The dual spinning mops rotate at 200 RPM, and there is a mention of ‘pressurizing’ them, which likely means the robot can apply downward pressure on the pads for better cleaning.

The system is somewhat reminiscent of the Ecovacs Deebot X1 (see our review) with the addition of the lifting capability seen in other Roborock models.

Auto Mop Lifting is a feature on some Roborock models, but the 7mm lifting height is 3mm greater than earlier models.

Object Recognition and Obstacle Avoidance - Roborock Q Revo
The Revo Q should be Roborock’s least expensive robot with AI-based obstacle avoidance. Image:

The Q Revo will be the first Q series robot with obstacle avoidance. The promotional webpage notes “Reactive Tech Obstacle Avoidance.” The webpage doesn’t provide details about the sensor array on the front of the robot, but it likely borrows from the S7 MaxV or has an entirely new object recognition system.

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For navigation, the Q Revo will use the PreciSense LiDAR Navigation system. This system is used by several other Roborock robot vacuum models.

Roborock Q Revo Will Have LiDAR Navigation
Roborock’s new Q Revo will have LiDAR navigation. Image:

New Multifunctional Dock

The multifunctional dock the Q Revo is shown with is wider than the dock for the Q5, Q7, and Q7 Max. This makes sense as it does more than those docks do. New for a Q-series robot dock, the Q Revo dock can perform the following functions:

  • Empty the dustbin of the Q Revo robot vacuum
  • Refill the robot’s water tank
  • Wash and dry the Q Revo’s mop pads
Roborock Q Revo Multifunctional Dock
Roborock Q Revo Multifunctional Dock. Image: Roborock

In contrast to the S7 MaxV (and Max) Ultra dock, the Q Revo’s multifunctional dock has its dustbin and clean water tank on top of the dock. The dirty water tank is just above where the robot docks. This allowed Roborock to make the Q Revo’s dock slimmer while still providing all the capabilities of the larger Ultra dock.

App Control

Roborock notes the Q Revo will have advanced features available by way of their mobile phone app, which isn’t a surprise. They note six capabilities, but there are undoubtedly many, many more as the Roborock App is one of the more feature-rich ones on the market today.

  • Quick Mapping
  • Custom Cleaning Routines
  • Smart Suggestions for No-Go Zones
  • 3D Mapping
  • Multi-level Mapping System
  • Voice Control

Roborock Q, S, and E robot vacuum lines

For those who haven’t followed Roborock, they do tend to release new robot vacuums at a far faster pace than their competitors. Here’s a bit about the existing product lines the Q Revo is joining.

At the close of 2022, there were really three Roborock robot vacuum lines actively sold in the United States: the S line, the Q line, which was added in 2022, and the E line. E line Roborock vacuums can still be found, but after the 2022 holiday season, these weren’t being sold on the manufacturer’s website.

Up until this week, the Q line was made up of the Q5 Series, Q7 Series, and Q7 Max Series. The Q5 robot is a vacuum-only robot whereas the Q7 and Q7 Max can vacuum and mop. The new model, while carrying a Q designation, clearly has some very distinct differences from those not-so-old Q models.

Coming Summer 2023

The Roborock website doesn’t provide initial pricing or a hard launch date, only saying the Q Revo is “Coming Soon this Summer.” More information can be found on the Roborock website.

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