Moosoo K17 Vs Moosoo K17 Pro Cordless Vs Orfeld V20

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InfoSearch and you will find
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Brand MoosooMoosooOrfeld
Model K17 K17-Pro V20
Weight 2.84 lbs 9.18 lbs 3.3 lbs
Air Watt
Air Watt Info Unknown 200 AW Unknown
Suction Info 23 kPa 24 kPa 17 kPa
Motor Size
Motor Size 200 Watts Unknown Unknown
Bin Size
Bin Size 500 ml 1.3 liters 500 ml
Floor Types
Floor Types Info Carpet and Hard Floors Carpet and Hard Floors Carpet and Hard Floors
Anti Tangle Roller
Anti Tangle Roller Info No No No
Active Hair Removal
Active Hair Removal Info No No No
Power Levels
Power Levels Unknown Low, High Low, High
Color Red Red White & blue
Warranty 2 Year 1 Year 1 Year
LED Lights on Floorhead
LED Lights on Floorhead Yes Yes Yes
LCD Screen
LCD Screen Unknown No No
LED Screen
LED Screen No No No
Bagged / Bagless
Bagged / Bagless Bagless Bagless Bagless
Dirt Sensor
Dirt Sensor Info No No No
Sealed System
Sealed System No Unknown Unknown
Tangle Indicator
Tangle Indicator No Unknown Unknown
Clog Indicator
Clog Indicator No Unknown Unknown
Brush Roll On / Off
Brush Roll On / Off Unknown Unknown Unknown
Smart Suction Adjust
Smart Suction Adjust No No No
Manual Suction Adjust
Manual Suction Adjust Unknown Yes Yes
Battery Info
Battery Info Info 2200 mAh 2200 mAh Unknown
Battery Life
Battery Life Info 30 min 40 min 30 min
Battery Level Indicator
Battery Level Indicator No Unknown Yes
Digital Battery Level Indicator
Digital Battery Level Indicator No No No
Detachable Battery
Detachable Battery Yes Yes Yes
Charging Time
Charging Time 4 hr 3 hr 4-5 hr
Smartphone App
Smartphone App No No No
Wifi Enabled
Wifi Enabled Info No No No
Charging Dock
Charging Dock Yes No Yes
What's in the Box
What's in the Box K17 LED motorized brush Charger & storage bracket Crevice nozzle Cleaning brush Aluminum alloy tube User manual K17-Pro Motorized turbine floor brush LED lighting crevice nozzle Light aluminum alloy tube Electric sofa brush 2-in-1 brush AC power adapter Wall bracket Stretchable hose Sponge filter set Instruction manual Orfeld V20 Extended wand HEPA filters - 2 Spare screen filter LED head brush Soft roller brush Hard roller brush Crevice nozzle Combination nozzle Storage and charge station User manual
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